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  • The racemes emerge as daylight begins to dwindle in late summer.
  • The flowers are produced en-masse on a branched raceme.
  • The inflorescence is a simple or compound raceme of many flowers.
  • The inflorescence consists of nodding spikelike racemes with numerous drooping flowers.
  • The raceme inflorescence holds up to 20 bright yellow pealike flowers.
  • Appearing on racemes mostly in the months of September to December.
  • Cream and scented flowers form on racemes between November and December.
  • The flowers either grow singly or in clusters along the raceme.
  • The inflorescence is an open raceme of up to 15 flowers.
  • Inflorescences are erect, spikelike racemes of up to 50 flowers.
  • The inflorescence is a raceme of 2 or 3 small flowers.
  • The inflorescence is of terminal racemes, with a red corolla.
  • Inflorescences are 2-flowered verticillasters in axillary and terminal racemes.
  • Inflorescences are compact 2-4 flowered verticillasters in terminal racemes.
  • The inflorescence is of very dense terminal racemes that are long.
  • The inflorescence is a raceme of flowers with narrow yellow petals.
  • The inflorescence is a raceme at the top of the stem.
  • The inflorescence is a raceme of many flowers with purple petals.
  • Flowers are borne in a raceme of up to 30 flowers.
  • Inflorescence is a panicle or raceme of up to 20 flowers.
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