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  • The Transect has six zones, moving from rural to urban.
  • Land labs are often marked out in plots or transects for studies.
  • Professional scientists are also using the transect for independent research.
  • A transect is a breakdown of city centre houses out to country houses
  • Up to of material can be in motion per transect per hour.
  • The southeastern suburbs are situated on the Selwyn fault which transects Cranbourne.
  • Major oil and natural gas pipelines transect Aktobe and the surrounding region.
  • FIRE 4 transects the bedrock of northern Finland from north to south.
  • Techniques for estimating population density include point counts, transects and territory mapping.
  • The concept of the transect was borrowed from ecology.
  • All five provincial and national roads that transect Metro meet in this area.
  • The data from Line 90 is used in many transect figures and analyses.
  • Massachusetts Route 183 transects the community north to south.
  • The main power grid connecting the area transects the property along Highway 16.
  • Part of the eastern border of Misty Fjords National Monument transects the range.
  • The mountain plover has had its nests counted through the drive transect method.
  • Exposed mineral soil covered only 0.3 % of the observed transect area.
  • The transect perpendicular to the length of the trench images many distinct velocity layers.
  • Orbiters then increase the number of radio transects.
  • The laceration may completely transect the airway or it may go only partway around.
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