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  • Demyelination, further inflammation and axonal transection are the result.
  • Alternatively, the optic nerve may be localized with a clamp before transection.
  • These results were very different from the midbrain transection.
  • However, in spinal cord transection, these impulses are unable to travel past the injury.
  • He was born with a spinal cord transection that left him unable to use his legs.
  • His first procedure was to make a transection in the midbrain, the results were dramatic.
  • Bleeding at the site of the transection is possible, but the procedure is generally well tolerated.
  • Further transection of the neuraxis ( caudal to the midcollicular level ) attenuated the exercise pressor reflex.
  • The thoracic operation consists of an extensive paraesophageal devascularization up to the inferior pulmonary vein and esophageal transection.
  • Stage 1 of the Norwood procedure involves atrial septectomy and transection and ligation of the distal main pulmonary artery.
  • Transection of the nerves routinely is not a recommended strategy, as it can sometimes increase the pain further.
  • Several transection of specific cranial nerve branches in the area of one or more of four identified trigger points.
  • A normal chest x-ray does not exclude transection, but will diagnose conditions such as pneumothorax or hydrothorax.
  • Unilateral perforant pathway transection is a method to study how transneuronal degeneration results from denervation in the Central Nervous System.
  • Previous techniques risked serious functional impairments; the new procedure, known as subpial transection, spares the function while blocking seizures.
  • The surgeon performs a bloodless transection of the tumor and then reconstructs the liver's vessels to restore normal blood flow.
  • For this reason, modification of the original procedure was introduced to avoid the risk of perioperative mortality due to esophageal transection.
  • Some clusters of activated microglia, transection of axons and myelin degeneration is present before the BBB breaks down and the immune attack begins
  • Reis and Fuxe ( 1969 ) then did a study of cats that went into a sham rage after having a brainstem transection.
  • With these advances in technology Bremer was able to start his transection experiments on cats, and accurately record the resulting brain function.
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