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  • The 4003 oligonucleotides were introduced into the tumour cells by transfection.
  • To create knockout moss, transfection of protoplasts is the preferred method.
  • Several drug discovery and library screening can entail reverse transfection or chemogenomics.
  • Another practical application of the compound is its use in gene transfection.
  • Transfection involves the insertion of DNA into a eukaryotic cell.
  • Software features include time-lapse, cell counting and transfection analysis.
  • In recent years the benchmark for transfection agents has been cationic lipids.
  • The process of introducing foreign DNA into eukaryotic cells is known as transfection.
  • Transfection with mutant p53 was not shown to strongly repress the survivin promoter.
  • How does cotransfecting a cell line with two plasmids yeild a stable transfection?
  • Increased nuclear concentrations have been demonstrated via transfection assay to enhance cellular toxicity.
  • While better known for the effort to transfection.
  • Eight weeks after transfection, the plants can be screened for gene targeting via PCR.
  • The second technique uses the transfection process.
  • This is a quick and easy method for transfection, albeit a rather inefficient one.
  • This enables transfection of molecular cargo attached to the CNT walls or encapsulated by CNTs.
  • This method of transfection was invented by Dr . Yongliang Chu at Life Technologies, Inc.
  • When overexpressed by transfection, NME3 suppressed granulocyte differentiation and induced apoptosis of myeloid precursor cells.
  • Lipoplexes can also be formed from cationic liposomes and DNA solutions, to yield transfection agents.
  • NP1 is a small non-structural protein that could induce apoptosis in transfection of HeLa cells.
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