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  • The newest members journeyed to Habonim from a much shorter distance.
  • Platt was with Nixon when he journeyed to the Great Wall.
  • They had journeyed 100 kilometers ( 60 miles ) to safety.
  • Ohio Gov . Voinovich has journeyed overseas seven times since 1991.
  • Raborn and Helms soon journeyed to the LBJ ranch in Texas.
  • He journeyed to Rome in 1482 with his master, Rosselli.
  • Brian then journeyed with Thor into a dimension ruled by Juggernaut.
  • The Naturalist William Bartram journeyed through Ocmulgee in 1774 and 1776.
  • He journeyed to America to search for the missing Black Bolt.
  • Volkmar raised an army and journeyed to Kislev to confront Archaon.
  • He journeyed to K'ai to create a paradise valley.
  • In 1917, Feinberg again journeyed to Egypt, on foot.
  • They often journeyed by helicopters because some areas had no roads.
  • In August 1821 Daniell once again journeyed north to Saint Andrews.
  • He journeyed to Venice, but surprisingly, never to Rome.
  • In the spring of 1802 he journeyed to the Somogy district.
  • In 1998 she journeyed to Manchester to undergo a major refit.
  • She has journeyed west to reunite with her only remaining family.
  • Local physicians occasionally visited the encampments as the group journeyed west.
  • In 1885 Burton journeyed into the King Country of New Zealand.
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