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  • The journeymen filed past the police guards and into the market.
  • We all got more than our fill of journeymen last season.
  • At journeyman level, a group portrait may not look difficult.
  • Apprentices start at a wage typically half that of a journeyman.
  • The Americans have gone from journeymen to masters of the trade.
  • "I don't want to be a journeyman.
  • Journeyman jazz pianist Jamal has long believed in the trio format.
  • Plummer, for instance, replaced Kent Graham, a journeyman.
  • But the six-year journeyman saved the best for last.
  • He's lost his starting job to journeyman Tony Massenburg.
  • Journeyman Pat Lawler is probably the best fighter Goossen has beaten.
  • Ron Villone, a journeyman reliever, becomes a soild starter.
  • I met John and Michelle; they were in the Journeymen.
  • And Mihm doesn't want to be a journeyman player.
  • Delk is a 6-2 backup, journeyman point guard.
  • Ruiz is a skilled journeyman, what I call a professional.
  • They also are talking with representatives for journeyman sharpshooter Fred Hoiberg.
  • Salvadori is your Journeyman Big Guy right out of Central Casting.
  • Harvey is a journeyman who hustles and specializes in little things.
  • Point guard is shaky with journeyman Vaughn and aging Darrell Armstrong.
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