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  • He exchanged shoves with Brian Noonan and jousted with Sylvain Blouin.
  • Tikkanen, as is his custom, jousted with several Panthers.
  • Tuesday both sides jousted for public relations advantage in the dispute.
  • Last week in Florida, legislators jousted in a special session.
  • This is not the first time Duquette and Valentin have jousted.
  • Several times, Reno jousted with Republican members who asked pointed questions.
  • He occasionally jousted with the plaintiffs'lawyer, Roderick MacLeish Jr.
  • Meanwhile, Bolduc jousted with Peter Grace, who was ill with cancer.
  • The lawyers also jousted indirectly Sunday about the possibility of a monetary settlement.
  • On one shift, Harvey jousted with a Flyer.
  • He also jousted with the NBA's commissioner, David J . Stern.
  • And he has been constantly jousted with the British news media and track federation.
  • Legislators last week jousted over how language defines what it means to be American.
  • Malcolm McDowell has long jousted with the same shadows that consumed Perkins'career.
  • Speculators have jousted with the Hong Kong dollar.
  • Inside the Capitol, Democrats and Republicans jousted over the procedure for the debate.
  • Sometimes Bush jousted and gibed with his questioners.
  • Nuclear physicist and UFO researcher Stanton T . Friedman also frequently jousted with Klass.
  • Cooper and Florida's Anthone Lott jousted for the ball in the end zone.
  • Pacific and modified polar air have jousted back and forth over the Plains this week.
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