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  • Some spiritual journeyers find their way to very traditional faiths.
  • The player characters are such journeyers.
  • Advogato assigns journeyer and master ranks to those committing to work only or mostly on free software.
  • The journeyers traveled throughout China visiting close to 200 places described by Polo, including Yunnan and Tibet.
  • In the Mountains of Ignorance, the journeyers contend with demons like the Terrible Trivium and the Gelatinous Giant.
  • His sense of these elements is complex but deeply satisfying . ( Check the melody in " The Journeyers to the East . " )"
  • Thundercracker juggles this with talking to Optimus Prime over his comm, and also his continued efforts to write his " Susan Journeyer " screenplay, which he is starting to find harder and harder.
  • In 1836 his court ruled in " Commonwealth v . Aves " that a slave brought voluntarily into Massachusetts, a free state, was a " sojourner, " or a journeyer, and not taking domicile in that state.
  • She finds her way into the very soul of a melody, as in Schubert's " Ruckblick, " when the distraught winter-journeyer remembers the eyes of his beloved, and the music turns heartbreakingly from the minor mode to the major.
  • The victory has led Thundercracker to a personal revelation : he has lost the ability to write about Susan Journeyer because he doesn't truly understand her as a character, having always been a " seeker " of targets, never " seeking " for himself.
  • He was [ my ] co-journeyer ) is a ghazal written in 1971 by Naseer Turabi and made famous as the title song of the Pakistani drama serial Humsafar which aired on Hum TV . The ghazal was originally sung by Abida Parveen and later by Quratulain Balouch.
  • In the novel " The Journeyer " by Gary Jennings, an executioner explains to the main character, Marco Polo, that 1, 000 pieces of paper are placed in a container, and a paper is drawn out to determine where the cut will be made.
  • The singer ultimately reflects that, just as the quest for a northwest passage might be considered a fruitless one ( in that a viable and navigable northwest passage was never found in the days of Franklin and his kind ), a modern-day journeyer along similar paths might meet the same end.
  • Jennings took pride in the accuracy of his historical research on everything from Marco Polo's journeys for his novel " The Journeyer " ( 1984 ), to 19th-century circus life in the novel " Spangle " ( 1987 ), for which he traveled with nine different circuses.
  • In his travels Tenamaxtli seems to tread ground previously traversed by his father, Mixtli, in " Aztec, " and you get the sense that Jennings feels ambivalent about repeating himself, as if he were recalling the promotional literature that accompanied his second novel, " The Journeyer, " in which he announced that he preferred not to do anything twice.
  • So begins Jennings'sequel to his first and best book, " Aztec, " which featured Tenamaxtli's father, Mixtli, and whose success Jennings never quite succeeded in matching in his subsequent novels : " The Journeyer, " about Marco Polo; " Spangle, " the history of a circus, and " Raptor, " the adventures of Thorn, an androgynous Gothic warrior.

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