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  • In February 1869 Fanelli left Madrid, journeying home via Barcelona.
  • Soon I join a caravan journeying into the grasslands beyond the freeway.
  • Both spacecraft will keep journeying outward long after their power runs out.
  • In 1824, while Seward was journeying with his wife to Rochester.
  • The cause of Aud's journeying has been debated.
  • Shelley travelled through Europe in 1814, journeying along the horror story.
  • All can leave indelible impressions for years after journeying to this unspoiled outpost.
  • That sense of journeying into a vision is what theaters must aim for.
  • After journeying South, Tuthmosis, Kara, and Anoukhet finally reached Nubia.
  • Journeying to meet their season's fate.
  • "The Return " is his book about journeying back to Romania.
  • Food writer John T . Edge found that out when he was journeying across the
  • Archbishop of Dublin, Thomas Cranley, died in Faringdon while journeying to London.
  • After journeying through the Tudor and Woodland gardens, they dine at the restaurant.
  • The monk spent two months journeying to and from Japan bringing more Western products.
  • By 1816 she had started journeying through France.
  • Mavra prefers to begin in Dillia by journeying to the neighboring hex of Gedemondas.
  • Journeying into the countryside they stop for Max to change in to male clothing.
  • She travelled with a close friend named Sandy, journeying deep into the Mexican countryside.
  • But he said he doesn't foresee average citizens journeying into space anytime soon.
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