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  • A regular exterminator may say no thanks to such a job.
  • The exterminator, the undertaker, the big-game hunter.
  • Every major program has enough bugs to make an exterminator rich.
  • If all this seems a little much, call an exterminator.
  • As an exterminator, Alan Friedman kills insects for a living.
  • In between, the exterminator turned into " The Terminator ."
  • These products are often sold at exterminator or pest supply houses.
  • His son, Exterminator and Triple Crown champion, Sir Barton.
  • After his baseball career ended, Caballero worked as an exterminator.
  • He became the jockey for Exterminator in the 1918 Kentucky Derby.
  • R�diger reveals he also got a nickname : R�diger the Exterminator.
  • He also had a stint as an exterminator on Raoul Island.
  • Such persons are listed in the Yellow Pages under Exterminators.
  • The exterminator didn't find any bugs, either.
  • "Bed bug, " the exterminator said.
  • Other exterminators are licensed to use the Sentricon system, he said.
  • The proposal received a cool reception from farmers and exterminators.
  • If you have termites or think you have, call an exterminator.
  • If that doesn't help, call an exterminator.
  • If you see flying ants in your house, call an exterminator.
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